How do we market in Japan?
Ishizawa Laboratories has obtained success in the cosmetics market through the use of a variety of strategies. Here we introduce three of those strategies.
The Import Process
  1. Before Putting on the Market:
  2. Market Research
  3. Negotiation
  4. Adapting to the Japanese Market
  5. Sales
  1. After Putting on the Market:
  2. Sales
  3. Sales Promotion
  4. Feedback
  5. Further Sales Promotion
Example: NaturVital Hair Mask
Our staff travels to Europe in search of new import products. We go to international cosmetics exhibitions and search the market eagerly!
Anything good here?
We made a discovery in the Spanish market! A unique product with a beautiful design captured our attention!
Right away, we asked them if we could sell their products in Japan.
Creating Promotional Packaging
After successful negotiations, our staff carefully translates the text into Japanese and creates promotional packaging and display sets so that the products will be even more attractive to consumers in Japanese stores.
Creating Display Sets
Even after introducing products, we pour our energies into sales promotion activities, such as promotional store campaigns. We always do our utmost to deliver our products to the customer in fresh and exciting ways.
Introduced into Stores!
  • Exhibitions We Often Attend
  • Cosmoprof Bologna
  • Natural Products Expo
  • Cosmoprof Hong Kong
  • Sydney International Beauty Expo