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  • Stock availability is different by store. Please contact the stores above for more details.
  • Depending on the products, it is also available at some drugstores (pharmacies).

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  • Shipping within Japan only.
  • There are other online stores available depending on the products.

About us

Established in 1989

Ishizawa Laboratories

The origin of Ishizawa Labs was the mind of "To keep sending unique and elaborate items constantly as if jack-in-the-box is flipped over".

The items, storefront, all the messages are there.

Chasing the new things with overwhelming speed!


The number of the released items are…
More than 1,000!

Some items are big hits, some keep selling for a very long time after launch… there were a lot of items. Some have finished selling once, but they came back to the market with our dear customer’s voice.


All Handmade Promotion Tools

The pops and panels at stores. They are all handmade by Ishizawa staff. We hope our customers could feel the warmth as if they are handed to.


Its Novelty

Surprising to pick up! Fascinating to use. Feel the quality of the ingredients and the effects. We are developing new items that “never existed before”.


Continuously born New Items

To add sparkle in store! We keep developing new items for that. Once stepping into the office, the atmosphere is fulfilled with a lot of new and fun ideas.